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A calling…

Mary's Calling

First, there is a calling. It was a Sunday like most Sundays. I arrived home and started lunch. Then I heard it as clearly as if God was standing beside me. I heard that I was to open the building that I own to women who were pregnant, had no support system and were trapped in a life of poverty. This building was originally a boarding house and apparently, God was ready to take the building back to its roots.

Mary Boyd

I was rocked to the core. I phoned my pastor’s wife to share my experience. She said we should begin to pray about this. In a matter of weeks, God miraculously brought a young woman, Stephanie Womack, who began to speak about the help that these women needed. Not just temporary help but long term solutions to break the chains of a life spent just trying to survive. Stephanie is now our director. In addition, a donor wrote a check for $50,000 for us to launch this new ministry. God was at work and we had to join Him! 

Anonymous Gift
Director arrives
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Who we provide services for. We are focused on providing our services and initiatives to young unwed mothers who are pregnant and at or below the poverty line or homeless.


Why Gateway of Hope. We provide a retreat like setting, away from the distractions and questionable influence that can accompany big cities which can jeopardize the well-being of mother and child. We are a one-of-a-kind home, called by God and filled with His love. Please visit our website to take a virtual tour of our home or contact us to schedule your own personal tour. 

Stephanie and Mary

The Gateway of Hope Comanche Board of Directors.
From left to right: Mary Boyd, Chairman, Molly Gray, Vanessa Stoecker, Accountant,  Stephanie Wade, Director, Nancy Adams and Teresa Griffith (not in photo).

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